Be in the Word: Part 2

There is an App for that!

One tool that I have used to build a habit of daily Bible reading is to follow a ryouversion-logoeading plan.  Youversion Bible App ( has become one of my favorite tools for daily Bible reading.  I struggle with binge reading the Bible.  I set a goal, miss a few days and then I feel guilty and need to catch up.  Instead of being thoughtful in my reading, I tend to race through reading the Word, rather than letting it sink in.  By using the Bible Reading Plans, it breaks down large portions of Scripture into smaller packages and provides a reminder for daily reading through my cell phone and email.  By using this resource, it is easy to move between topical Bible studies to studies on whole books or parts of the Bible.  It also comes with a built in calendar that allows you to see how long it should take you to go through a study.  Even if you happen to miss a couple of days, it is easy to reset the calendar and continue on.

Pass the SOAP

Another useful tool is the Life Journal (published by Life Resources) which guides the reader through the Bible in a year and provides instruction on how to understand and apply what has been read.  This resource is available in both paper and electronic formats, but its true strength is that is move past Bible reading to Bible living!  This is done by teaching the reader how to use the S.O.A.P. process of reading the Word.

Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer is a four step process that is taught in this reading plan.  As you are led to read through the Bible in a year, with each portion you are asked to write down which portion of Scripture stood out.  After writing down the verse(s), take time to make Observations about what stood out in that portion. Maybe it is guidance for something that you are facing or a truth that you are learning for the first time, record what jumped off the page at you.  Next, consider how this new truth or lesson can become a life Application.  List ways that you can put this lesson into action in everyday life.  Often it will take more than your own strength to apply this new truth, so finish with Prayer.  Ask Holy Spirit to empower you to act in the truth that He has revealed to you.

To see the process in action check out or wait for the next blog to go through the SOAP process.