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Welcome to our new website. As a leadership team we have been dreaming of creating an online presence to help improve our communication with the body at large. It is our intention to use this new website to communicate the things we are doing at the church with our members even when they are unable to make it to our church on Sunday.

Some of the new cool features of the site include the home page, this blog page, calendar and our podcast page. The homepage will be used to display information pertaining to upcoming events including things like prayer evenings, potlucks and conferences. The blog page will be used to share additional information to our church body. This will include things like our weekly bulletin, thoughts from our pastors as well as some personal subjects like Chris’ newest recipe or Susanne’s latest comics. The calendar page will include all of our upcoming events along with the time they start at. This will be a useful tool to confirm your going to come to an event at the right day and time. The podcast page will include our weekly sermon audio which I would encourage buy celebrex online you to subscribe to on your mobile devices.

It is our goal to have new content uploaded to the website every week on our website.

We are looking forward to see how this is going to build our body and unite us closer with Christ.

Pastor Chris Toth

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