Tragedy’s Second Side

Tragedy has two sides.
First, there is the pain of brokenness. Tragedy includes loss, shame, and the sudden exposure of long held bad habits. La Loche has felt this first hand as a result of the school shooting that took place there. There has been enough said about the pain that La Loche has gone through and many have made comments as to what has caused this brokenness. This first side is obvious and doesn’t need more air play but it needs to be recognized.
Rather, there is a second side to focus on. Tragedy is about exposure, not just of pain, but also of opportunity. Opportunity is exposed by creating awareness of need, opening a door to help, and calling forward the gifts of many to serve those in need. Tragedy is not reserved for a particular group of people, or restricted to certain locations, but is a shared human experience that emerges when our broken patterns can no longer be hidden. It is this second side of tragedy, opportunity, that allows people that are living in a season of blessing to extend their gifts to help serve a people caught in pain. This service is not just to meet the immediate pharmacy no rx need, but to be a launching point to help a people in pain to become a people of blessing.
Matthew 25:31-40 speaks of the day of Judgement, when the works of many people will be measured before Jesus. First, those who did well are dealt with. Those that are commended by Jesus recognized a few things. 1) They are a people of blessing and they shared the blessing that they had been given by God. 2) The nations we belong to on earth may give us a sense of belonging but those divisions don’t matter in the end. The only division that will matter will be the one that Jesus makes on the day of Judgement. 3) Blessing is extended to the least. Extending ourselves to the “least of these” is the same as touching the heart of Jesus.
It has been an honour to extend blessing to the community of La Loche through generosity of finances, expressions of concern and heart felt prayers for healing. May God lead us to keep extending blessing in the face of tragedy, so that those we are joined to may become a people of Blessing!

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